Meeting Minutes February 2008

At last meeting, February 13, 2008:

Meeting started at 8pm, 23 members present at start.
Minutes read from previous meeting and were passed.
Events since the previous meeting were discussed.

Jeepfest discussion –
• Next year’s date was set by the committee for Feb. 7th and we need to verify that it is not the same date that is planned for Mudfest.
• Volunteering for the day of Jeepfest was discussed, better organization is needed.
• Registration would go smoother if all paperwork is available online so that attendees can have it prepared ahead of time making the wait in line go faster.
• More incentives should be given to those that do pre-register – t-shirts in addition to the free raffle tickets.
• Separate lanes for registering Jeeps and those that are pre-registered were suggested to expedite entry to the show.
• On judging requirements – a points list should be available so that everyone has the information for prepping your Jeep.

After Jeepfest ride was discussed concerning the breakdown of organization and lack of leadership during the ride.

Meeting ended at 9:40pm


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