Meeting Minutes September 2008

Minutes from September 10, 2008 meeting:

There were not really any significant past events to discuss at the September meeting.

A discussion about the meets at Towers shop was discussed. There have been issues between the car show management and property managers of Towers not wanting us to meet there. We discussed ideas of rotating the location of our meets between Towers and other places such as 4J, 4Wheel Parts, Hooters, etc. Tim was to contact the property manager of Towers to feel out the situation and get factual info regarding our rights to meet there.

Upcoming events discussed – Bud Beach Bash III at the Marlins game, Citrus Ride, Windrock & Harlan, KY ride, River Rock in GA, Muddigras in Osceola, Jeeptoberfest in Ocala, and the Ribfest in Miami.

The Oct. 17th barbeque location for the Tellico was passed to be on TN side at camp. Trail ride fees were voted against the club paying. Suggestion of donating the funds to Tellico trails was tabled to discuss later because of funding that is needed for Jeepfest. It was passed to spend $50 for firewood at the Tellico camp.

A blood drive to be held at a Towers night was discussed. A minimum of 15 people are needed to participate and until the meeting with the Towers property managers is held this event is on hold.

Club Stickers – We discussed what logos are to be available. The official club logo with the Gator in the Jeep is still the official logo and will be on the sticker. Another sticker which is the combination of the logo used for Jeepfest and SFJC lettering will also be available. Possibly the design of the old logo used from PJC with SFJC lettering will be available too.


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