Meeting Minutes November 2008

Minutes from November 12, 2008 meeting:

Past events discussed – River Rock trip, Tellico, Bear Island, Jeeptoberfest, Ribfest, Corbett ride, weekend at Lu’s and a Towers meet at 4J.

Upcoming events discussed – Lakeland Jeep Show & Shine on Nov 22nd and a Citrus ride and campout at the end of Dec.

Howard is planning his annual late New Year’s Party for Sat. Jan 24th.

Regarding the Tower Shops meets – Tim received back a response from the property manager about the entire location which is leased to the guy running the weekly car show. We will meet inside the show from now on. He has agreed to a flat rate and will keep our spot reserved for us.

There was a discussion about “What does the SFJC membership get you?” It seems that some members are not happy about the lack of activities that the club participates in. It was suggested that we have an event coordinator to put together more events and organized rides. Gustavo volunteered to fill this position and it was unanimously supported by everyone attending the meeting.

As the discussion continued, we were reminded that the membership dues went to buying shirts, stickers, etc. to resell for profit in the past. You can now purchase these items from Café Press. We will be getting club stickers soon, hopefully by Christmas. We support donations to different charities such as getting a magician to visit and entertain sick kids at the hospital. Tim mentioned that he would like to get the club involved with a Habitat for Humanity sponsorship.
A suggestion to have a fishing tournament as a fundraiser for Jeepfest was discussed.

Another Hooters event was also discussed to get more people interested in joining the club.

The Towers meet for Dec. 12 was discussed to be an optional gift exchange. Gifts are to be $25-$30.


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