Meeting Minutes December 2008

Minutes from December 10, 2008 meeting:

Past events discussed: Lakeland Show & Shine, trip up to Miles’ place, Candy Cane Parade in Hollywood – they would like to have more of our Jeeps next year, Towers meet inside the car show with a holiday gift exchange.

Upcoming events discussed: Citrus ride and campout at the end of Dec. and Howard’s annual late New Year’s Party for Sat. Jan 24th.

Regarding the Tower Shops meets – It was passed to see if we could negotiate a deal of $625 or better as the flat rate if we pay for the full year in advance. We also discussed and passed allowing non-members to participate the first time for free and afterwards to pay the $2 entry fee to us.

This also prompted a discussion of non-members attending SFJC events several times without joining. It was decided upon and passed that we would allow non-members to attend up to 3 events other than the Towers meets before being required to join or no longer participate in the events.

Marty discussed that UFWD Assoc. posted on JT about a trail ride and camping event at Oak Ridge Plantation near Charlottesville, VA. The dates on the post are for March 12-14.

Hollywood Jeep wants to host a BBQ for us. Tim suggested a ride to the dealership to gain some visibility. He was also to look at getting some raffle prizes. We picked Sat. Jan 17th that Otis was later able to confirm. Hollywood Jeep would like for us to start having meetings there and we decided to check out the facilities once there at the BBQ.


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