Meeting Minutes January 2009

Minutes from January 14, 2009 meeting:

Past events discussed: Tower Shops gift exchange, Christmas party/Toys for Tots toy-drive at Gustavo & Meeghan’s, Dino’s Blood-drive, Christmas campout in the Glades at Lu’s, Citrus holiday camp & ride, and some other individuals did some riding that was not posted both locally and out of town. An additional Tower Shops meet had a good turnout and the extra discount asked for when paying for the year in advance was turned down but the manager of the Tower’s Car show said that if we kept track of any rainout days or holidays where we skip a meet he will apply credit to the following year’s dues.

Upcoming events discussed: Hollywood Jeep’s BBQ on Jan 17th, Dinoos’s kayak trip around Wilton Manors on Jan 18th, and Howard’s annual late New Year’s Party for Sat. Jan 24th.

Election for new officers held: New President – Gustavo went unopposed, Jim remains as Vice-President with competition from Scott, Stephanie remained unopposed as Secretary, New Treasurer – Dino was unanimously voted in, New Event Coordinator – Sergio.


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