Meeting Minutes October 2009

Minutes from October 14, 2009 meeting:

• Robert started off with an announcement about HAM operator’s class that will be starting again soon.
• We had a discussion about Jeepfest, its location due to uncertain funding, and the date to be held.
• Tim received an invite for the SFJC to attend Ribfest again. He was to arrange it and post the event.
• Discussion about how no dogs are allowed at Towers as per Scott who said the manager approached him after Stephanie left with her dog on the Oct. 2nd meetup.
• Request was put out to have a new membership form with a brief club history that all members can have at the Towers to give to prospective new members or whenever an officer is not around.
• Shep offered to be a “Welcoming Committee” of sorts whenever there are no officers present at the Towers meet.
• Stephanie talked about organizing a litter clean-up that the club can participate in and asked for input of what the club would like to do. Suggestions were made and Stephanie will submit options at the Nov. meeting.
• Steve talked about the NAPA discount and that there is a new manager working there. The new contact for obtaining the discount is Dave.


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