Meeting Minutes November 2009

Minutes from November 11, 2009 meeting:

• After previous meeting’s minutes were read on the subject that Steve talked about with the NAPA discount, Bob was able to confirm that the discount applies to any NAPA store in our area and not just the Davie store. We are listed in their computer system.
• We announced that a PO Box is now the official mailing address for the club.
• Further discussion regarding no dogs at Towers includes that no grills are allowed either.
• Furthering the discussion Stephanie brought up about a club sponsored clean up, Miles suggested that we do a trail clean up 1st to evaluate the members participation in such an event before obligating our club to a 2 year commitment for the Adopt-a-Highway program. We also discussed posting a poll and suggested locations for a clean up to be held along with an incentive of a cookout after the cleanup event.
• A brief discussion about the Tower’s meet schedule resulted in a decision to skip the normal meet that would fall on Christmas Day. The next Towers meet would be the one the week after New Year’s Day (Jan. 8th).
• Bob agreed (and over-ruled Judy) to host the club’s annual holiday party at his home this year. It was decided to happen on Sat., Jan. 19th.
• We voted to move January’s meeting to the Arrigo location, taking out a turn for Hollywood. The new schedule will be odd months are held at Arrigo and the even months at Hollywood. This was decided because of the January meeting that has the highest attendance and Arrigo’s space is larger to accommodate. It was also requested and agreed to hold January’s meeting on Tuesday.
• We voted on amendments to the club’s by-laws to include specification that all elections are to be held as a private ballot.
• Howard also announced the date of his annual After New Year’s party & BBQ.


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