Corbett Clean-up

Although most Jeepers that I know are fairly respectable about cleaning up after themselves, especially when riding on the trails or are out somewhere enjoying what nature has to offer, there are still so many other people out there that disregard and disrespect our Earth and think that it’s okay to dump trash where ever they are. As responsible wheelers, we frequently carry out more than we brought in and do whatever we can to keep our reputation in good favor with the authorities and environmentalists that continue to close the few trails left for us to enjoy.

This February 21st the Swamp Things 4×4 Club has organized a clean up ride at one of the few places left that we get to enjoy here in South Florida. Several members of the South Florida Jeep Club and the Treasure Coast Jeep Club plan on joining Swamp Things 4×4 Club to clean up the camp area and roadway leading to the South Entrance.

For more information about this event check out:
Swamp Things Facebook Event
JeepTalk Happenings Thread


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  1. Missy says:

    Just a note on the blog, the Florida Sportsmen’s Conservation Association organized the event. Swamp Things is joining in and spreading the word for other 4wd clubs to join. šŸ™‚ Thanks for the post!

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