Meeting Minutes March 2010

Minutes from March 10, 2010 meeting:

• Bill started off the meeting with a very nice slideshow presentation mostly about the Corbett cleanup ride and what the SFJC does as a club.
• Past events briefly discussed. They were cut short so that we could cover all business needed to discuss during the meeting when Arrigo personnel came in to announce that the building was being closed at 9 pm.
• Before business was discussed Dino brought up the upcoming Reyka event and that he needed help cooking for the event.
• We mentioned that we needed to check JeepTalk for info about the St. Patrick’s Day parade that weekend.
• Jim presented the motions to remove two members from the club – Bob and Scott.
• It was a unanimous vote to remove their memberships.
• A motion was presented to add to the by-laws about not having a dual Jeep club membership within a 50 mile radius. There was discussion for and against this motion. The issue was tabled until the next meeting.
• A motion to define the use of the club’s roster to be inserted into the by-laws was passed unanimously.
• A motion to change the club’s official logo to the alternate logo being used was tabled until the next meeting. Both logos need to be printed and presented to all members for viewing.
• A discussion to further table a motion on customized club logos for private use was dropped. It was agreed that decisions about private logos did not need to be governed and if anyone found such logo as offensive we would warn the user and ask them to remove the offending logo. If the request is not complied then we could vote the offending member out.


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