Meeting Minutes April 2010

Minutes from April 13, 2010 meeting:

• Past discussion about dual membership in multiple Jeep clubs in the area was re-addressed. A motion to drop the issue after some very valid points were made and it was passed.
• We voted on an official logo change for the one with the flag that was already represented on the majority of our stickers, t-shirts, etc. The flag logo won as the new official logo over the other gator logo.
• Concerning the club motto, it was confirmed that “Mud, Sweat, and Gears” is the official motto as defined in the club’s by-laws. There was no motion to change the motto to “Mud, Sweat, Rocks, and Gears” as has been commonly used.
• There was a question about what the password was for the private forum. This turned into a discussion about how to locate and use the club’s roster.


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