Meeting Minutes June 2010

Minutes from June 8, 2010 meeting:

• Bill gave a slideshow on Jeep Beach when discussing the past events from the previous month.
• Bill discussed the info known so far about the Tower refund we are seeking. He had not yet contacted the management of the car show and has a plan of communication that he will propose to them depending on their response.
• We then discussed alternate ideas for things to do on the alternating Friday meeting nights. When planning we need to post a discussion in the SFJC section of the forum. When plans are set then we can post a Happening’s event for public viewing and place it on the calendar.
• Marty brought up that we do not have “sponsorships” but that dealerships and other vendors can be “supporters” for the club. University and Hollywood Jeep are offering us the same amount of financial support that they provided to EJ4x4.
• For the Arrigo event with Everglades 4×4 we were asked if we would be participating.
• Otis discussed being misrepresented during that event and the questions about his club loyalty that arised afterwards from postings on the Internet were not appreciated and did not wish to be slandered.
• Marty checked on Monkey Jungle for a date to visit in Sept or Oct so that it would be cooler than last year’s visit in mid-summer. A date was set for Oct. 2nd. He suggested that instead of the club paying for the picnic food, that each member bring a dish and we donate the same value we would have spent on food towards supporting Monkey Jungle.
• Jim has already planned a trip to Windrock, TN for the end of Oct. This can be the same dates for the SFJC official trip usually held during that time of year.


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