Meeting Minutes July 2010

Minutes from July 14, 2010 meeting:

• The annual club wheeling trip was discussed. Jim already had some dates planned during the usual time for Oct. 24-30. Others agreed and it was passed that this would be the week the club members going would attend. The club’s official BBQ will be Wed, Oct. 27 and up to $400 will be paid towards the dinner. There will be no fees for member’s wheeling paid by the club. (Jim, I did not write down where the trip is – Windrock, right?)
• More discussion about the Tower Shops fee and getting a refund was discussed. It seems that we are unclear of our start date and if any additional money was due for the year. We are to get Alan to check the records to compare against last year and find out when we started paying.
• Otis talked about a meet-up night at Hooters on University & Pines Blvd. He said he would talk to them about arranging a meeting night.
• Support to the other club was confirmed that they are not receiving money from the dealerships, only discounts and a meeting space.
• Frank said he would talk to N.Broward Jeep regarding being a supporter for us and organizing a club BBQ at the dealership that would be available to the public for attracting new membership.
• Stephanie brought up the Bud Beach event and that at the last minute Lisa had 8 tickets left for her event at the Marlins game on July 17th.
• Frank, Jack, and some others from SFJC mentioned they would be in a fishing tournament together the same weekend.


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