Meeting Minutes October 2010

Minutes from October 12, 2010 meeting:

• Bellini’s Meetup was discussed. It was suggested to reserve tables ahead of time next time we gather there.
• Monkey Jungle picnic outing was discussed. They are interested in hosting a Jeep event next year. A thank you letter for our donation to the DuMond Conservancy was read.
• The Haunted House that a few went to was reported to be a waste of time.
• We discussed the car crush event at 4Wheel Parts.
• Jeeptoberfest was an upcoming event that was discussed.
• The Windrock BBQ was discussed. Because so few were going that are not lifetime members and the state of the economy, Miles suggested that the money that was allocated to be spent on the Windrock BBQ be moved to fund the event at the Cecil Webb gathering in Dec where many more members will be participating and can benefit from the funds. Howard agreed with Miles’ suggestion this year in light of the economy but wanted to make sure that the tradition of the Oct trip BBQ not be lost in future years as it welcomes back former members of SFJC who do attend this annual trip even though they have moved on from our area. The motion was passed and a $400 budget originally allocated for Windrock was moved to fund the estimated cost of $550 for the Cecil Webb trip. The remaining shortage of funds would be raised through a 50/50 raffle.
• We received a notice of the Plantation Holiday parade and a notice was to be placed on JeepTalk to see if there is interest in participating.
• The Hollywood Candy Cane parade was discussed and Stephanie was to find out how many Jeeps are allowed to participate this year and post it on JeepTalk.
• The Cecil Webb trip in Dec was discussed and nearly everyone attending the meeting said they were going.
• There was a discussion about JeepFest to see if there was any interest hosting another event, who would be interested in being on the committee to organize it, and when we would like to have an event.
• The January elections were brought up to remind everyone that we have vacant positions to fill for president and secretary as Stephanie is stepping down.


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