Meeting minutes September 2011

Events since last meeting:
-Okeechobee Mud Fest 8/12-14
-Roco 4×4 show n shine/new showroom 8/27
-Devils Garden 9/3-5
-Redneck Yacht Club 9/3-5
-4Wheel Parts Miami meet n greet 9/10

Upcoming events:
-Ft. Lauderdale Coastal Clean-up 9/17
-Farmers Market/South Beach art deco tour w/ Otis 9/24/25
-Markham Park Club Picnic 10/2 from 1-6 (shelter 7)
-4Wheel Parts 50th Birthday West Palm Beach store 10/8
-4Wheel Parts Miami store wrenching party 10/16
-PBIR Mud Bogs 10/22
-Jeeptoberfest 10/22-23
-Redneck Yacht Club Trucks Gone Wild 11/11-13
-Candy Cane Parade in Hollywood 12/3
-Cecil Webb Club ride/bbq hosted by Miles and Jonathan 12/10-11


About JeepNikolii

I drive a 2004 manual wrangler sport with a few modifications. I am a hair stylist at an Aveda Salon, I am very adventurous and spontaneous.
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