June 2012 Meeting minutes

Hollywood Chrysler Jeep Dealership June 12, 2012!

Past Events discussed:
-30th Anniversary BBQ- Winch won by Gary Rule!
-Water was delivered to Stand down event (40 cases) by Shelton.
-4wheel parts event on 6/9 a few members showed up.

Upcoming Events discussed:
-2nd Annual Stand down event, If anyone wants to convoy up to the event on 6/30
-Wrenching party @ J & G Autoworks 6/17- Tranny swap for Shelton
-Leihigh Acres wheeling with Caloosa jeepers 6/23-24
-4th of July parade on 7/4 @ 9am. Staging will be at Department of Children and Families at 7:30/8am
-BBQ to follow at Nicholes house, please bring a dish
-Hobie Beach and picnic on 7/14. Will be parking the jeeps on the beach!
-Out of State wheeling trip 9/17-15 Gulches and Durham Town w/ Caloosa Jeepers

Other Items discussed:
-Sergio is now our event coordinator.
-Jay is now our vice president.
-41st street is closed down with a lot of no trespassing signs posted up.
-Members are encouraged to set up MnG’s and other events

Jesus Lopez received the free membership!

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