May 2012 Meeting minutes

Arrigo Sawgrass Jeep Dealership May 8, 2012!

Past Events discussed:
-Jeep Beach
-MnG @ Italian Sports Grill
-Bear Island/Loop Road ride and BBQ
-Fred Perkins military tour and BBQ
Upcoming Events discussed:
-30th Anniversary picnic 5/12/12 (voted to have Cuban food)
-Devils Garden for Cracker Jacks Birthday 7/6-7/8
-4th of July parade in Plantation is on Wednesday 4th of July
-Out of state wheeling trip 9/7-15
-2nd Annual Stand down event (looking for water donations and possibly display jeeps at event)
Other Items discussed:
-Resignation of William Masterson as President ( Jack Franklin voted in as President)
-VP position open for nominations, voting to be held @ June meeting (James Rittenhouse nominated)
-Lyn Solari recognized for above and beyond contributions to the club
-Willy donated gift certificates for raffle on behalf of 5050OFFROAD.COM
-Members are encouraged to set up MnG’s and other events

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