Howard’s After New Year’s Party 2.12.11

Many thanks go out to Howard and Gayle from opening their home up to us for yet another great time. There were many old faces and some new members getting together for a chance to hang out, share stories, and get to know eachother. As always the food was plenty and tasted fantastic. It is an event that everyone should try to attend.

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Wheeling in Ocala 3/11-3/13

Members are invited to join the club as we head up to Ocala for a great weekend of wheeling. There are hotels and a campground located near to the areas we will be riding. There is a thread in the club’s “member’s only” forum in JeepTalk. Feel free to contact us if there are any questions.

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SFJC-HOMEGROWN MEET-N-GREET @ Betty’s Burgers 1/14/11

SFJC and Homegrown Offroad got together Friday night at Betty’s Burgers to host a meet and greet. Turnout was very good. Probably close to 40 vehicles attended. It was a good time with great people and excellent food. Looking forward to the next one.

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2011 New Officers

Congratulations to the new SFJC Officers! Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the election meeting last night as I have moved out of town. For this reason and that I have chosen to spend my free time focusing on grad school, I am no longer the active secretary and have been replaced by the young and fearless, Nichole. 🙂

We also had several other vacancies from positions that have stepped down due to family and school obligations. A warm welcome also goes out to Bill, Jack, Tom, and returning officers Alan and Marty. I am certain that the new group will lead the SFJC well in the upcoming year and will work together nicely and fairly to all who are interested in participating or creating SFJC events and outings.

President – Bill M.

Vice President – Jack F.

Secretary – Nichole S.

Event Coordinator – Tom M.

Club Advisor – Marty K.

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Meeting Minutes December 2010

Minutes from December 14, 2010 meeting:

• Past events discussed:
• Fantasy of Lights
• Candy Cane Parade – considered by many to be the best parade of the year that we do
• Cecil Webb ride – was a fabulous ride and trip put together by Miles and Sodman
• Upcoming events discussed:
• Dino’s Blood Drive at TransTech
• New Year’s Ocala trip – is a club only ride & trip
• January election meeting – running for office is Bill, President; Jack, VP; Nichole, Secretary; Alan, Treasurer; Tom, Event Coordinator
• Betty’s Burgers meet-up with HomeGrown
• Group volunteer opportunities for the Everglades was discussed by Marty.

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Meeting Minutes November 2010

Minutes from Nov 10, 2010 meeting:

• Past events discussed:
• Jeeptoberfest. There were a lot of Jeeps in attendance. Some members enjoyed it better than Jeep Beach. There was also a discussion about the rock course at the event.
• The Windrock trip was discussed – Jim & Miles from the club went.
• Jeep’s Rock & Road tour – Sergio attended and said it was boring.
• Upcoming events were discussed including the Plantation Parade, the Candy Cane parade, Cecil Webb event, and the January officer’s elections.
• Funds normally spent on the annual holiday party were decided to help Howard’s expenses for his annual After New Year’s Party held in late January. The club will pay for the pig that is traditionally roasted at this event.
• The JeepFest committee was briefly mentioned again.
• There was a brief discussion about an issue with the other club and their poor behavior towards one of our members. No details were mentioned but it was brought up to let others be aware of unfavorable behavior by some of the members of the other club in case something should happen again.
• Marty discussed having a Monkey Jungle/SFJC event in March.
• Marty also brought up a Veteran’s Day event the day following the Nov. meeting at the old military base which is now a historic monument.

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Meeting Minutes October 2010

Minutes from October 12, 2010 meeting:

• Bellini’s Meetup was discussed. It was suggested to reserve tables ahead of time next time we gather there.
• Monkey Jungle picnic outing was discussed. They are interested in hosting a Jeep event next year. A thank you letter for our donation to the DuMond Conservancy was read.
• The Haunted House that a few went to was reported to be a waste of time.
• We discussed the car crush event at 4Wheel Parts.
• Jeeptoberfest was an upcoming event that was discussed.
• The Windrock BBQ was discussed. Because so few were going that are not lifetime members and the state of the economy, Miles suggested that the money that was allocated to be spent on the Windrock BBQ be moved to fund the event at the Cecil Webb gathering in Dec where many more members will be participating and can benefit from the funds. Howard agreed with Miles’ suggestion this year in light of the economy but wanted to make sure that the tradition of the Oct trip BBQ not be lost in future years as it welcomes back former members of SFJC who do attend this annual trip even though they have moved on from our area. The motion was passed and a $400 budget originally allocated for Windrock was moved to fund the estimated cost of $550 for the Cecil Webb trip. The remaining shortage of funds would be raised through a 50/50 raffle.
• We received a notice of the Plantation Holiday parade and a notice was to be placed on JeepTalk to see if there is interest in participating.
• The Hollywood Candy Cane parade was discussed and Stephanie was to find out how many Jeeps are allowed to participate this year and post it on JeepTalk.
• The Cecil Webb trip in Dec was discussed and nearly everyone attending the meeting said they were going.
• There was a discussion about JeepFest to see if there was any interest hosting another event, who would be interested in being on the committee to organize it, and when we would like to have an event.
• The January elections were brought up to remind everyone that we have vacant positions to fill for president and secretary as Stephanie is stepping down.

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Meeting Minutes September 2010

Minutes from September 8, 2010 meeting:

• The upcoming Candy Cane Parade was discussed. We need to add to the calendar and send in the registration for the club’s participation.
• We discussed reopening the roster to the members.
• There was a discussion about the meet & greet nights.
• Discussed the possibility of having an online chat meeting on JeepTalk as an opportunity to get people involved that cannot make it to the meetings in person. Further discussion was to be made on JeepTalk to get feedback from members not present at the September meeting.
• There was a request that upcoming events be emailed to all members as a regular reminder for those that do not regularly attend meetings or use JeepTalk. Since the officers already have limited time to be able to fulfill this commitment among the other things they are already doing, Otis volunteered that he would do this.
• There was no 50/50 raffle during the September meeting.

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Meet & Greets: Where do you want to go?

We could use your help. Many members have gotten tired of the Towers shop meet ups. In order to diversify ourselves and move about the community we have moved away from the usual Friday night gatherings at the Towers shops. We have started coming up with theme nights and other local places to meet up so we have something new and exciting to do.

This is giving us a chance to be seen more and spread around the Jeep love by not always being in the same place. Now we have the opportunity for our Miami area members to make more events when things are scheduled in the Southern Tri-County area and vice versa when events are planned in the more Northern territory so that the West Palm residents can have better opportunities to attend.

If you have an idea of where you’d like to go, post it up on the forum and see who’s interested. Ask a restaurant if they would be willing to offer specials to our group if we plan a night to patron their business. Times have been slow lately. I’m sure there are plenty of places that would welcome a large, hungry, and thirsty group of Jeepers and be willing to offer some specials or a discount for the night.

Remember that the best turn outs happen when people have at least a couple of weeks notice to plan the night out. Be sure to let me know to update the calendar if you have a night planned for our club and I haven’t posted it yet. Let’s get the word out and get our club active again. Things have been too slow this summer.

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Meeting Minutes August 2010

Minutes from August 10, 2010 meeting:

• The Monkey Jungle picnic was discussed. It will only be available for active members and their family.
• There was a discussion about the trip to Windrock.
• The Jeep Rocks & Road Tour was discussed. Many members are planning on going on Nov. 6th and it was suggested that perhaps we could try to go as a group and caravan up together from the Tower shops.
• The Candy Cane Parade was discussed. We need to register once finding out how many are interested in attending.
• Chad is now an installer at Garmin’s and he is working on getting the club a discount.
• There was a discussion about dealership’s warranties and modifications.
• The password for the SFJC private forum was changed and made available only for members who have renewed.

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