Meeting Minutes July 2010

Minutes from July 14, 2010 meeting:

• The annual club wheeling trip was discussed. Jim already had some dates planned during the usual time for Oct. 24-30. Others agreed and it was passed that this would be the week the club members going would attend. The club’s official BBQ will be Wed, Oct. 27 and up to $400 will be paid towards the dinner. There will be no fees for member’s wheeling paid by the club. (Jim, I did not write down where the trip is – Windrock, right?)
• More discussion about the Tower Shops fee and getting a refund was discussed. It seems that we are unclear of our start date and if any additional money was due for the year. We are to get Alan to check the records to compare against last year and find out when we started paying.
• Otis talked about a meet-up night at Hooters on University & Pines Blvd. He said he would talk to them about arranging a meeting night.
• Support to the other club was confirmed that they are not receiving money from the dealerships, only discounts and a meeting space.
• Frank said he would talk to N.Broward Jeep regarding being a supporter for us and organizing a club BBQ at the dealership that would be available to the public for attracting new membership.
• Stephanie brought up the Bud Beach event and that at the last minute Lisa had 8 tickets left for her event at the Marlins game on July 17th.
• Frank, Jack, and some others from SFJC mentioned they would be in a fishing tournament together the same weekend.

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Meeting Minutes June 2010

Minutes from June 8, 2010 meeting:

• Bill gave a slideshow on Jeep Beach when discussing the past events from the previous month.
• Bill discussed the info known so far about the Tower refund we are seeking. He had not yet contacted the management of the car show and has a plan of communication that he will propose to them depending on their response.
• We then discussed alternate ideas for things to do on the alternating Friday meeting nights. When planning we need to post a discussion in the SFJC section of the forum. When plans are set then we can post a Happening’s event for public viewing and place it on the calendar.
• Marty brought up that we do not have “sponsorships” but that dealerships and other vendors can be “supporters” for the club. University and Hollywood Jeep are offering us the same amount of financial support that they provided to EJ4x4.
• For the Arrigo event with Everglades 4×4 we were asked if we would be participating.
• Otis discussed being misrepresented during that event and the questions about his club loyalty that arised afterwards from postings on the Internet were not appreciated and did not wish to be slandered.
• Marty checked on Monkey Jungle for a date to visit in Sept or Oct so that it would be cooler than last year’s visit in mid-summer. A date was set for Oct. 2nd. He suggested that instead of the club paying for the picnic food, that each member bring a dish and we donate the same value we would have spent on food towards supporting Monkey Jungle.
• Jim has already planned a trip to Windrock, TN for the end of Oct. This can be the same dates for the SFJC official trip usually held during that time of year.

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Meeting Minutes May 2010

Minutes from May 12, 2010 meeting:

• Discussion about Gustavo’s official resignation as President and Jim stepping up as Acting President. As this has not happened before, there was further discussion about procedure that is not written into the by-laws about replacing an officer mid-term. We questioned if we needed to have a special election for either the President or VP positions, if anyone wanted to run for these positions, or if we really needed to fill the void at this time allowing the other officers to take up the slack by helping out with the duties with this void. There was a suggestion for the officers to gather separately from this meeting to create a by-law amendment addressing this issue of an officer’s resignation. Finally, a motion to close the discussion was approved upon deciding that it was not necessary to elect a new officer at this time and Jim would just remain as Acting President until the next election.
• The annual Plantation Independence Day Parade is scheduled to be held on July 3rd. We discussed having an after party as usual and where. It was suggested that the possibility of Jim’s place could be available as an option upon approval by the War Dept. If so, we discussed renting a rock wall/slide for fun activities at the party and that everyone could bring a dish as the Club would provide the meat to be grilled, with the possibility of Dino’s grill be used if he approves.
• A copy of an email that Dino received a copy of was read aloud regarding the solicitation of the Big Cypress event. It was being promoted by Everglades 4×4 to recruit “selected” people to attend on their behalf so they could gain a better position to win a club participation award.
• This then led to the discussion about making the club roster private from all members except the officers as members with dual membership and the old members that either resigned or were eliminated from the club still had access to SFJC information. To prevent this breach of the by-laws by using the roster as a means of solicitation.
• This decision was made to shut down to all members (except officers) for a period of 3 months (until renewals are due in July). If any club member needed to contact another, they could request the contact information from an officer that has access.
• Bill: brought up the discussion about getting a refund of our Towers access from the car show management as they did not give us an option of first right of refusal on the alternating nights that EJ4x4 now has. Their presence has damaged our own club’s presence in the car show as attendees have no idea what night we meet vs. when they meet and that there is even 2 different clubs meeting in the same space.
Marty: did not want to forego our Towers presence and suggested just having an alternative location for meets on the off weeks when EJ4x4 is there.
Frank: stated that Towers is the location that everyone is used to meeting. This point was so that anyone not having attended in a while would always know that the club could be found there.
Bill: will try to get a refund of the Towers fee. If successful, we need to stay on top of making meeting places instead of Towers.
Frank: will talk to North Broward Jeep about obtaining a sponsorship fund and banner to use a meetup at different locations.
Marty: will talk to University about the same type of sponsorship.
• Kevin brought up the discussion that there are no park officials at Corbett currently to give anyone a hard time about wheeling until July when new rules go into effect that will prevent wheeling to anyone unless you have a hunting permit and are there to hunt.

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Meeting Minutes April 2010

Minutes from April 13, 2010 meeting:

• Past discussion about dual membership in multiple Jeep clubs in the area was re-addressed. A motion to drop the issue after some very valid points were made and it was passed.
• We voted on an official logo change for the one with the flag that was already represented on the majority of our stickers, t-shirts, etc. The flag logo won as the new official logo over the other gator logo.
• Concerning the club motto, it was confirmed that “Mud, Sweat, and Gears” is the official motto as defined in the club’s by-laws. There was no motion to change the motto to “Mud, Sweat, Rocks, and Gears” as has been commonly used.
• There was a question about what the password was for the private forum. This turned into a discussion about how to locate and use the club’s roster.

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Meeting Minutes March 2010

Minutes from March 10, 2010 meeting:

• Bill started off the meeting with a very nice slideshow presentation mostly about the Corbett cleanup ride and what the SFJC does as a club.
• Past events briefly discussed. They were cut short so that we could cover all business needed to discuss during the meeting when Arrigo personnel came in to announce that the building was being closed at 9 pm.
• Before business was discussed Dino brought up the upcoming Reyka event and that he needed help cooking for the event.
• We mentioned that we needed to check JeepTalk for info about the St. Patrick’s Day parade that weekend.
• Jim presented the motions to remove two members from the club – Bob and Scott.
• It was a unanimous vote to remove their memberships.
• A motion was presented to add to the by-laws about not having a dual Jeep club membership within a 50 mile radius. There was discussion for and against this motion. The issue was tabled until the next meeting.
• A motion to define the use of the club’s roster to be inserted into the by-laws was passed unanimously.
• A motion to change the club’s official logo to the alternate logo being used was tabled until the next meeting. Both logos need to be printed and presented to all members for viewing.
• A discussion to further table a motion on customized club logos for private use was dropped. It was agreed that decisions about private logos did not need to be governed and if anyone found such logo as offensive we would warn the user and ask them to remove the offending logo. If the request is not complied then we could vote the offending member out.

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Meeting Minutes February 2010

Minutes from February 9, 2010 meeting:

• There was a discussion about the refund policy for joining the club and that the roster is only meant for private use and is not to be used for solicitation. Stephanie will look in the old minutes and club history to find where it was discussed about no refunds.
• Past and upcoming events were discussed.
• Shep brought up the question about who is the 50/50 Offroad Team and why was he not able to join the club. Dave answered that the 50/50 is not a club, there are no dues or by-laws and they are simply a select group of people who work well together on their Jeeps and often ride together without any drama. He personally has paid for the private area of the forum on JeepTalk to make it easier for this group of people to communicate with one another. To become a member of the 50/50 Offroad Team you would need an invitation by one of the members and everyone on the Team has to be in agreement.

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Corbett Clean-up

Although most Jeepers that I know are fairly respectable about cleaning up after themselves, especially when riding on the trails or are out somewhere enjoying what nature has to offer, there are still so many other people out there that disregard and disrespect our Earth and think that it’s okay to dump trash where ever they are. As responsible wheelers, we frequently carry out more than we brought in and do whatever we can to keep our reputation in good favor with the authorities and environmentalists that continue to close the few trails left for us to enjoy.

This February 21st the Swamp Things 4×4 Club has organized a clean up ride at one of the few places left that we get to enjoy here in South Florida. Several members of the South Florida Jeep Club and the Treasure Coast Jeep Club plan on joining Swamp Things 4×4 Club to clean up the camp area and roadway leading to the South Entrance.

For more information about this event check out:
Swamp Things Facebook Event
JeepTalk Happenings Thread

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Walk for the Animals

On March 6th, 2010 the Broward County Humane Society will be having their 20th Annual Walk for the Animals. As avid animal lovers and owners of rescued pets Stephanie and Meeghan (Lulu Smiles and MrsTallJeep) have teamed up to participate with their rescued dogs Lulu and TJ. We have created our own fundraising page to accept your donations. If you own a dog or dogs and want to walk with us as members of the SFJC in support of the Humane Society, we invite you to join us and we can walk together as a pack. Otherwise, feel free to click on Lulu & TJ’s Fundraising Page to make your donantion and help support our team.

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Welcome to the SFJC Blog!

Welcome to the SFJC Blog!

In an effort to get more involvement with our club’s contributions, I am now enabling the blog on our website and welcome our club’s members to participate in writing articles about events and wheeling trips that are upcoming or they have participated in and also to give technical write-ups about Jeeps.

If you are interested in becoming a contributor to our blog, then contact me and as long as you are a member in good standing of the South Florida Jeep Club then I will help assist you with your posts or enable you as an author.

SFJC Secretary

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Meeting Minutes January 2010

Minutes from January 12, 2010 meeting:

• We started the meeting by having Sergio verify each member’s status against the current roster before giving them a ballot to vote. As this was happening the voting process was explained, any last minute nominations were taken, and then the votes were cast with the ballots returned to Stephanie for counting. During the counting the remainder of the agenda was discussed.
• The position of the Event Coordinator had a very close count and Stephanie asked that Alan verify her findings. They were accurate. Before she announced the winners, the current officers gave their thanks and appreciation to the club.
• The winners were: Gustavo returning for President, Jim returning for Vice President, Stephanie for Secretary, Alan as the new Treasurer, and Sergio returning as the Event Coordinator.

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